Tea Villa Cafe

Tea Villa Café is at Hill Road Bandra West; a newly opened joint. It has a friendly, cozy very relaxed atmosphere. A chilled out place, with nature themed ambience ie cute ‘tea love’ graphics. Very spacious, good furniture. Clean tables. These things get my spirits high already.
No tissue paper nor salt & pepper on the table. Strike 1.
Menu wasn’t offered until good 5minute wait. Strike 2.
Tea of course has a menu of its own. Different kinds of tea and waffles are spectacular. Must try Must try!
Anyway, being a pure veg restaurant. The items were limited, but the combinations were thrilling. Pineapple butter is fabulous. The cheese here is perfect. No too chewy, not too thick. It’s a delight!
Pasta was served cold. Indian spicy pizza had perfect sauce and toppings.
Food presentation overall gets a thumbs up.
Service was on the pathetically on the floor. Train your team tea villa café!


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